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News 02/19 - Paperwork...

Updated: Feb 12, 2019 also a thing that needs to be done @AKfC.

What do we exactly do? Well, we go through the receipts that we receive from our HCMC based partners to ensure that your money has been used as agreed. This is important but also fun as we love to have the opportunity to dive deeper into the Vietnamese daily life. 

In order to be able to fully understand what our Vietnamese partners are sending, we like to keep it up with our Vietnamese studies - even if the vocabulary sometimes doesn´t make sense...

Every Tuesday we also have a newsmaker-meeting, which means that we have a conference call where we discuss the work that needs to be done for the week. It´s always fun to discuss new projects, to talk about crowdfunding ideas or to hear from our children. 

Have good week ahead - chúc mọi người một tuần tốt lành!

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