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News 10/18 - Update: Clean water for the girls of Dak To

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

It has been a bit quiet here but we still have been busy and have some amazing news to share with you today:

Our girls from Dak To, Kon Tum Province, Vietnam sent us more pictures about their new daily life with clean water. What a difference this makes! We have uploaded the pictures, so you can see the huge impact on their life and health care - made with your donations!

After the installation of the well, we had still some funds left and decided - together with Priest Tuyen & our partners on site, to build bathrooms for the girls. Even though the girls had bathrooms - in terrible condition - they were in need of more bathrooms as the amount of girls living & studying at the shelter has increased from 29 to 47. More girls are coming due to the amazing job done by Priest Tuyen that has dedicated himself to the education of those young women. So 7 more bathrooms were built with the remaining AKfC funds. 

We received a beautiful thank you letter from Priest Tuyen. As it is written in Vietnamese we would like to share this last little part with you:

"...On behalf of the girls and the residential district, thank you very much for your help and support to give them a better life. May God bless and pay back to all of you. Best regards, Priest Joakim Nguyễn Hữu Tuyến"

Our next donation is soon coming up...We are organising our yearly Xmas donation and you can still be part of it and donate here. Help us making a Merry Christmas for those children in need! More information shortly here and/ or on our Social Media - please follow us on Instagram and/ or Facebook to stay informed about our work.

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