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Meet our team @ A Kiss for Children e. V.

We work with trusted local partners who we personally know for many years. Our partners and our European branch consist of highly qualified professionals who do honorary work and know how to manage a project. Our Partners on site like Thu Bich Duong, Irene Duarte and Soeur Marie Huu are devoted people and trustworthy partners we know personally for many years, so we evaded common risks for charities like corruption or inefficiencies. Our projects have never failed or ended in nowhere.

Mrs. Bich


Co-Founder & Newsmaker

Mrs. Bich has been a Manager at Phu My Orphanage for over 20 years. The famous Phu My Orphanage, located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, is one of the biggest in town and shelter to several hundred children with severe disabilities. Mrs. Bich has been involved into AKfC since the very beginning in 2007 and is today our most important partner on site. Besides her non profit work @ AKfC she also teaches passionately Englisch to Vietnamese students.

Sister MarieHuu & Mrs. Bich


Founder Lai Thieu Educational Center & Newsmaker

Soeur Marie-Huu, Catholic Nun & Founder of Lai Thieu Centre

Soeur Marie-Huu is a Catholic Nun that has dedicated her life to the education of Children of Ethnic Minorities that have no access to school & education. In 1987 she founded the Lai Thieu Educational Center, that is located about 45 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City. Today the Center is shelter and school of 170 children. Together with her team Soeur Marie-Huu has created a place where the children are not only given a good education but also love and a great sense of responsability.

Irene & MarieHuu


NGO Associate & Newsmaker

Irene Duarte has been living and working in the non-profit sector in Vietnam for over 30 years. Being the representative of an Australian NGO that is cooperating with the Phu My Orphanage, Irene is an absolut expert on orphanages and charity work. She has been supervising most of the donations of AKfC since 2007.

Markus Bussmann


Co-Founder & Newsmaker

"I am  father of two, living in Cologne, Germany. While working as an MBA in Ho-Chi-Minh City in 2009, I witnessed the fast rise of Vietnam but some children left behind for no acceptable reason. Knowing Ilona personally, it was not difficult for her to acquire my support and become a Newsmaker. My first job was to accredit AKfC as an officially registered charity in Germany. Together with Ilona we on the development of the organization and make it grow"

Ilona Kiss


Founder & Newsmaker

Ilona is the Founder of A Kiss for Children, a non-profit organization that focuses on Global Education & invests every donation 1 to 1 to children in need. Living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 2005 to 2010 Ilona first started this “local funding” by bringing the donations herself to the children. Living in Switzerland today, she cooperates with her trusted partners on site and keeps on making her own news.

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