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These are our children. Each is unique and special, however, they all share a similar background: their life starts with many limitations and hurdles. 

Coming mostly from mountain tribes and remote villages they represent the so-called Ethnic Minorities of Vietnam and Cambodia. Some are orphaned; most have very poor parents who can neither afford to raise them nor to pay for their education. 

Our experience has showed that mainly catholic nuns & priests have dedicated their work to support these children and to fight for global education. We believe in that amazing work and are proud of being part of this great mission.

Our common efforts seem to be working: The kids live and study in a shelter, learn to read & write and finish school. It is always a pleasure to hear when some of our children have started their professional education or when they have achieved an academic degree. All of them make us proud and prove how necessary our support is and what a difference it makes.

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