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News 11/18 - Dear Father Christmas...

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

How cute are those letters from our dear children of Lai Thieu Educational Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?

Sister Marie Huu asked her 70 children to write their wish list to Father Christmas & kindly provided us with a few samples - we just love them! 

Every child can ask for 1 gift...The younger children are asking for a toy, like a plane or a car. Our teenagers would like to have new clothes, like a new pair of trousers or new shoes. Some of the children are also asking for books. 

Our donation allows a gift of 230.000 ₫ = 10 USD per child. So in total 700 USD for 70 children. Our donation also includes money to allow Soeur Marie Huu tu buy some food for the Xmas dinner. The total amount of the donation is 850 USD. 

Thank you again all for your ongoing support & your amazing donations!

Stay tuned for more pictures of our Xmas donation 2018!

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