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News 06/19 - Fundraising Fun - A Party in Munich

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Last week some good news were made in Munich by Daniel & his friends. Daniel turned 40 (Happy Belated Birthday, Daniel!) and threw a little birthday party in a small bar in Munich. To support Daniel and his event, Markus, Newsmaker @ A Kiss for Children e. V., hopped on a train and went to Munich.

As for everyone who throws a cool fundraising party - like Daniel - our team had prepared a little poster & a fundraising box, so that the guests could make their donation right on the spot. Strategically Markus & Daniel had set up the fundraising box at the bar...Markus was happy to talk a bit about life and our work in Dak To & to present our latest project - already introduced here in our previous updates: We are currently collecting funds for the girls @ Dak To Educational Shelter in Dak To, Kon Tum Province, Central Highlands of Vietnam. The girls are in urgent need of a kitchen & a second classroom.

A little party never hurt anybody & a little party can also help many children in need.

Daniel & his friends collected 500 EUR that evening - wow! THANK YOU, Daniel & friends!

Want to throw a fundraising party too?

Well, contact us!

We invest the money we raise 1 to 1 into the education of children in need - No fees, no deductions, no detours

We work exclusively with trusted local partners who we personally know for many years.

Our our projects have never failed or ended in nowhere - get in touch, we are looking forward to collaborate with you!

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