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News 04/19 - Happy International Happiness Day

Happy news on International Happiness Day:

The installation of the well by A Kiss for Children e. V. in July 2018 at the Educational Shelter of Dak To (Donation “Nước sạch – Clean water fort he girls of Dak To”) has been a great success and we are proud to announce that the well is working perfectly and providing clean water to the girls of Dak To.

During our recent visit to the shelter we were told that a private donor was so impressed by our work, that he decided to add an extra to our well and donated a water purifier, a so called RO water purifying system.

Due to the great outcome of our project, we have – together with Priest Tuyen - decided to make clean water also available for the local people of the entire Dak To area. People from the village now come to get clean water at the Dak To Shelter & pay 5,000VND for 20 litters of water - if they can so. This money will pay for electricity and maintain the water purifier system.

34 girls are living in the shelter currently and by now most of them are able to go to a local school as they have studies Vietnamese at the shelter. All girls are from Ethnic Minority Tribes: Xê Đăng and Rơ Ngao. Most of those people do not understand Vietnamese at all or not well enough to join local schools. The girls left their extremely poor families, living in remote villages, to be able to study and to have better lives.

Priest Tuyen has tried his best but currently the living conditions at the shelter are getting more and more difficult. Most needed at the moment are: a second bedroom, more restrooms/ toilets, a classroom and a kitchen. The place the girls call "kitchen" is only temporary: The pillars for the kitchen's roof can't last longer. The danger of collapsing during strong winds is high.

Better living conditions means better learning environment – and better learning environment means better living conditions.

Stay tuned for our upcoming projects to ensure a better future for the girls of Dak To.

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