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News January 16, 2020 - Xmas Donation 2019 @ Lai Thieu Center, HCMC, Vietnam

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

More GOOD NEWS & beautiful pictures coming from Vietnam today...

Have a look at all those happy faces - our yearly Xmas Donation for the children @ the Lai Thieu Educational Center in HCMCity, Vietnam was again a big success.

With the donation of 1.000 USD our local partners were able to purchase so many useful but also enjoyable things for our children:

The bigger boys got new soccer shoes and sport equipment

The bigger girls picked new outfits, accessories and cuddly toys

The smaller children got also new outfits and shoes as well as toys, cars, books, cuddly animals, robots, rackets - and of course lots of delicious cake for Xmas evening.

Just a perfect Xmas that every child should have - Enjoy the pictures below..

Thank you to our amazing donors - YOU made this possible!

Off to another great year with A Kiss for Children e.V. and many more GOOD NEWS to come!

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