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News 01/18 - Xmas Donation 2017

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Dear All,

Today we have received above pictures that we are very happy to share with all our dear supporters.

As you can see our partner Sister Marie Huu has received our donation of 550 Euros = 14.742.000 VND on December 19, 2017, just in time for the little Xmas celebration @ Lai Thieu Educational Centre. Here is what she has purchased for the children:

12 pies   *100.000 VND                      =   1.200.000 VND

12 cakes*  90.000  VND                      =   1.080.000 VND

1 box of chocolate                              =      800.000 VND

110 bottles Shampoo 400ml* 38.000    =    4.180.000 VND

110 bottles Shampoo 1200ml*55.000    =   6.050.000 VND

110 tubes toothpaste* 13,500              =   1.485.000 VND

TOTAL:   14.795.000 VND

In the name of the 110 children living @ Lai Thieu Educational Centre we would like to THANK YOU again for making this possible. Please stay in touch with us on FB or Instagram and make sure to visit our website again soon to read more about our next donation & our plans for 2018. 

P.S.: Can you spot Mai Nha on the pics? She grew so much!

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