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Hello again...

Dearest donors,

Again it has been a while since our last post here (on IG)

Times are still difficult…for all of us. The Covid situation is still critical everywhere, also in Vietnam.

We are therefore so grateful that our amazing partner in Ho Chi Minh City, Mrs. Bich, was able to take a little trip to Binh Duong Province to visit the shelter of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Paul, where also our dear partner Sister Marie Huu is in charge of many children.

We took advantage to visit a second shelter in the same Province that we have recently cooperated with, the Tinh Me 2. Shelter, where Sister Kim Anh is in charge. She has purchased the computers for children as part of our latest donation by A Kiss for Children e.V. Thanks to more donations the shelter is also expanding! Another 2story house has been built to have more accommodation for the children!

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