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NEWS June 2020 - THIEN DUC SCHOOL - A better future for the Mnong Children

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We are back with GOOD NEWS!

Our work @THIEN DUC School is going well: The constructing company has already advanced up to 70%, which means that we have successfully built the dormitories for our little students and can now go on with the construction of the study rooms.

As you have seen in our previous NEWS, our project @Thien Duc School in Quang Son aims to provide a better future for the Mnong Children: The THIEN DUC School is located in Dak Glong, a very remote and rural district of Dak Nong Province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The school was built and is run by the Sisters of the Qang Son Congregation. Currently there are 9 Sisters working at the school. The Director of the school is Sister Marie Huu. Sister Huu has been a project collaborator of A Kiss for Children e. V. since 2007.

The sisters are currently teaching 70 children (40 girls & 30 boys) from Ethnic Minorities (Primary School and Secondary Grades). All children are from the M'Nong people. The Mnong is an ethnic group mostly living in the Center of Vietnam (population approx.103.000) Like other residents in the Central Highlands, the Mnong live subsistence, agrarian life in which they are self-sufficient in food, growing mainly dry rice and corn.

When the children enroll at the THIEN DUC School they only speak the Mnong language.

Here they get the opportunity to study Vietnamese, which allows them to follow the Vietnamese schooling, to graduate and thus to look into a brighter future.

Since the opening of the THIEN DUC School more and more children have been coming to study so that the space was getting tight. And another problem came across: The children had to walk back home in the evening, as there were no rooms to stay overnight. However their homes are far away and the way to school is not safe, especially for the girls. That is why many parents would not send their girls to school.

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more soon!

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