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NEWS August 2020 - THIEN DUC School - A brighter future for the Mnong Children

We are so proud to present the outcome of our latest big donation project in Quant Son, Vietnam: Look at this amazing bright and brand new classroom by A Kiss for Children e.V. in collaboration with L Brands Mast Cares & Give2Asia. As you can see on the pictures, we also purchased mattresses for the children. These have now been installed in new bedrooms for our little students. Building dormitories turned out to be essential in order to provide education: Most children live far away from the school, in little remote villages. Their way to school is far too long and also too dangerous, especially when the night falls (which is already at 6 pm in Vietnam) Therefore many parents would not send their kids to school. * Our project @ThienDuc School aims to provide a better future for the Mnong Children: Here they get the opportunity to study Vietnamese, which allows them to follow the Vietnamese schooling, to graduate and thus to look into a brighter future. * The video below was filmed by our partners in Vietnam showing our little students in the brand new class room by @akissforchildren in collaboration with @lbrandsinc - enjoy! *

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