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@ A Kiss for Children we believe in making our own news. Make sure to follow us to never miss a Blog post & to learn more about the great news we are making together.

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Chúc mừng năm mới 🐯

Xin chào & chúc mừng năm mới 🐯 We are back with some big donations, supporting 2 different shelters close to HCMCity. The donation was 5.000 EUR & were invested into #education & #health: Computers for the children of Mai am Tinh Me 2 Shelter in Binh Duong as well as cyclos & other helpful equipment for the daily life of the disabled children of Thien Phuoc Nhan Ai Shelter in Cu Chi * * * #globaleducation #literacy #learntoread #education #school #equality #worldchangers #so

Good news galore: Xmas donations 2020

2020 has been a weird year but all together we managed to keep doing GOOD NEWS: This Xmas @akissforchildren we were able to make not 1, not 2 but 3 big donations. Thanks to YOUR generosity we could support with 1.300 USD each the Lai Thieu Educational Center in Ho Chi Minh City, the Thien Duc School in Quang Son & the Thien An School in Dak Glong Province, school & home of 150 children, remotely located deep in the Central Highlands of Vietnam 🇻🇳 The money arrived in time a

Xmas letters 2020

Xmas 2020 is here...It has been a very different year, also for us #newsmakers but especially for our children in Vietnam... A little throwback: Last years Xmas donation for the 150 children @ Lai Thieu Educational Center in Ho Chi Minh City - the place where me made our very first big donation back in 2007- was a big succes. This years donation to the same place will only reach 70 children. Due to Covid 19 many children have not come back to the shelter after the summer quar

NEWS April 14, 2020 - AKfC´s Thien Duc school coming soon🇻🇳

GOOD NEWS from our local partners in Vietnam 🇻🇳 The first part of the THIEN DUC school building is done! Due to the Corona Virus our workers cannot leave the area of Quang Son and go back to Saigon. So, construction goes on while the kids mainly stay safe inside. Stay tuned for more soon... * * * #power #literacy #learntoread #globaleducation #education #school #equality #worldchangers #socialentrepeneur #socialwork #socialbusiness #nonprofit #crowdfunding #fundraising #chi

NEWS March 18, 2020

NEWS on how the Coronavirus is affecting our work in Vietnam 🇻🇳 So far there are only few confirmed cases of Coronavirus but being an important holiday destination, there could be many cases that have not been identified. As a precaution all schools have been closed since TET (Chinese New Year) holidays until April 5 🇻🇳 Our students have to stay at their shelters & keep on studying in small groups. External teachers have to stay home 🇻🇳 School closure of course also has

News March 10, 2020 - Global Education

We love GOOD NEWS - especially these days - today we received those lines from our DAK TO School: “...According  to the media, there are many countries and people infected with Covid-19. In Vietnam, the students must now study by themselves online or at home. Luckily, thanks to the 5 Laptops you supported, the girls in our shelter can keep doing their school work. They are very happy to have such means of learning - they never dared to think about! Thank you very very much. I

News January 09, 2020 - A great collab: Ankur for the World donates laptops for the girls of Dak To

Xin chào! Here we are with our first project of 2020: Our collaboration with Ankur For The World, a Swiss Association that supports children’s education around the world, has been quite a sucess. With the funds received by Ankur For The World we were able to purchase 5 Laptops & to create a small Computer Lab for the girls of Dak To. Have a look at the pictures to see how our partner Mrs. Bich and Priest Tuyen went to purchase and install the computers for the girls. More pi

News January 09, 2020 - Happy New Year from Lai Thieu, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The team of A Kiss for Children e. V. and our children of Lai Thieu School for Ethnic Minorities in Ho Chi Minh City are wishing all of our amazing donors a very Happy 2020! Looking forward to many more beautiful donations in 2020 💪🏼 * * * #power #literacy #learntoread #globaleducation #education #school #equality #worldchangers #socialentrepeneur #socialwork #socialbusiness #nonprofit #crowdfunding #fundraising #childreninneed #girlpower #womenempowerment #travel #explore

News 12/19 - Alle Jahre wieder...A Merry Xmas for the children of Lai Thieu

This Mai Yen. She is 10 years old and one of the 110 children of Lai Thieu School for Ethnic Minorities in Ho Chi Minh City. Her family lives far away and could not afford to send her to school. But thanks to our great donors @A Kiss for Children e.V. she has a school now and a home and even a Xmas gift. That is our best Xmas gift - thank you all! Scroll down for more pictures and all information about our yearly Xmas donation for the children of Lai Thieu 🎅🏼 With the donat

News 11/19 - More Newsmaker: Ankur For The World

Xin chào & good morning - we have great NEWS to share! We are currently working on 2 big donations for the girls of the Dak To Educational Shelter, Kon Tum Province, Vietnam. Today we are excited to announce the 1st project, an amazing collaboration with Ankur For The World, a Swiss Association that supports children’s education around the world, just like us. Read everything about their story on and follow their work on Instagram: AnkurForTheWorld -

News 09/19 - Happy faces in Dak To

Xin chào! Here we are again - with many happy faces from Dak To: The construction of the bathrooms for the girls @ the Educational Center in Dak To, Kon Tum Province located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam is officially finished. Look at that smile of Priest Tuyen, the new bathrooms and of course at our happy girls. Can you spot our dear partner Mrs. Bich on the pictures? * Together with our local partners we realized toilets & bathrooms for the girls in order to improve

News 09/19 - Hello from Köln

We are back from a very interessting yet very challenging Social Entrepreneurship training in Cologne that took part with the A Kiss for Children e. V. team last weekend. It was time to go back to school also for us 📚 The training was held by 2 experienced professionals in the International Fundraising Sector: Arne Kasten & Renate Zanjani. Both have been working for more than 20 years in the Social Business, specialised in Fundraising, amongst others for Doctors without Bord

News 08/19 - Boy bye!

Boy bye 👋🏻! Our girls are rocking the construction site 🚧 🏗 🔨 💪🏼 #girlpower * Have a great week everyone and stay busy doing good news! We just got fresh pictures this morning from  Dak To Educational Center in Kon Tum, Vietnam & as you can see our girls are definitely busy 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 * Construction is in full swing and the progress is amazing. Can you see how little equipment there is on the construction site? How basic the tools are? No big machines, just a lot of

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