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News 12/19 - Alle Jahre wieder...A Merry Xmas for the children of Lai Thieu

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

This Mai Yen. She is 10 years old and one of the 110 children of Lai Thieu School for Ethnic Minorities in Ho Chi Minh City. Her family lives far away and could not afford to send her to school. But thanks to our great donors @A Kiss for Children e.V. she has a school now and a home and even a Xmas gift. That is our best Xmas gift - thank you all!

Scroll down for more pictures and all information about our yearly Xmas donation for the children of Lai Thieu 🎅🏼

With the donation amount of 1.000 EUR our partners on the spot will be able to purchase food for the Christmas dinner, milk, new shoes and clothes for the children and a little gift for every child.

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