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News 09/19 - Happy faces in Dak To

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Xin chào! Here we are again - with many happy faces from Dak To: The construction of the bathrooms for the girls @ the Educational Center in Dak To, Kon Tum Province located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam is officially finished. Look at that smile of Priest Tuyen, the new bathrooms and of course at our happy girls. Can you spot our dear partner Mrs. Bich on the pictures?


Together with our local partners we realized toilets & bathrooms for the girls in order to improve their living & study conditions - because education is not just a classroom thing, it´s power💪🏼

Why support A Kiss for Children e.V.? We invest the money we raise 1 to 1 into the education of children in need - No fees, no deductions, no detours 💯


We work exclusively with trusted local partners who we personally know for many years. Our partners on site are trustworthy partners & our projects have never failed or ended in nowhere.


Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more GOOD NEWS soon...

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